Donovan Mitchell NBA and College Career Stats

Oct 27th 2018

Unless you were sleeping through last season, you probably noticed that  Donovan Mitchell had a fantastic showing for his rookie year. The 22-year-old NBA Players Association Rookie of the Year winner was impressive on scoring as well as from the free throw line, winning national attention and helping the Utah Jazz with a fantastic run to the Western Conference semifinals.

Donovan Mitchell NBA


When it comes to determining who is contributing on the court, one of the most significant indicators is the kind of stats they are putting up. Mitchell led the Jazz on offense in the 2017-18 regular season in points per game (20.5). He continued to shine during the playoffs with 24.4 points per game, while also leading the team in steals with 1.5 steals per game.

While his NBA stats are impressive, he also racked up stellar numbers during his two seasons at Louisville. Here’s a look at Mitchell’s contributions during his rookie season with the Utah Jazz, as well as his career stats while he played for Louisville:

NBA Career Averages

  • Games played: 79 
  • Games started: 71 
  • Points: 20.5 
  • Minutes played: 33.4 
  • Field goals made-attempted: 7.5-17.2 
  • Field goal percentage: .437 
  • Free throws made-attempted: 3.0-3.8 
  • Free throw percentage: .805 
  • 3-pointers made-attempted: 2.4-7.0 
  • 3-point percentage: .340 
  • Offensive rebounds: 0.7 
  • Defensive rebounds: 3.1 
  • Total rebounds: 3.7 
  • Assists: 3.7 
  • Blocks: 0.3 
  • Steals: 1.5 
  • Personal fouls: 2.7 
  • Turnovers: 2.7 
  • NBA rating: 30.54

College Career Averages (Louisville)

  • Games played: 65 
  • Games started: 38 
  • Points: 11.7 
  • Minutes played: 26.0 
  • Field goals made-attempted: 4.1-9.8 
  • Field goal percentage: .418 
  • Free throws made-attempted: 2.0-2.5 
  • Free throw percentage: .788 
  • 3-pointers made-attempted: 1.5-4.6 
  • 3-point percentage: .329 
  • Offensive rebounds: 1.1 
  • Defensive rebounds: 3.0 
  • Total rebounds: 4.1
  • Assists: 2.2 
  • Steals: 1.5 
  • Blocks: 0.3 
  • Personal fouls: 2.6 
  • Turnovers: 1.3 
  • Strength of schedule: 9.44

Donovan Mitchell’s rookie season gave him an excellent jumpstart for his career in the NBA. He has three years left on his contract with the Jazz, so fans have plenty of time to see more highlights of his on-court performance and the numbers he puts up in the future.

Getting fans all over the nation, Donovan Mitchell proves to deserve the title NBA Players Association Rookie of the Year. His throws are accurate paving way for Utah Jazz to go through Western Conference Semifinals. Sounds great for Jazz fans out there! Get Donovan Mitchell jerseys for a souvenir, better if you can get it signed by him in the next season.

Donovan Mitchell NBA and College Career Stats [infographic]