Joe Ingles’ Best Plays

Nov 7th 2018

As it goes with most teams, some players bask in the limelight, while others play their game and make quiet contributions to their team. While Joe Ingles is one of the more unobtrusive players for the Jazz, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to make major plays when he needs to.

Joe Ingles’ Best Plays


Here’s a look at some of Ingles’ best plays with the Jazz:

Best Steals

Ingles has the uncanny ability to disrupt passing lanes and steal the ball. During games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves in 2017, he did just that, batting away his opponents’ intended passes, then running the ball down the court for an uncontested layup or dunk.

Best Assists

One of the hallmarks of a team player is the ability to share the ball. Ingles is a player who knows when to take a shot, and when to spread the ball around to give his team the best advantage. Whether he’s setting up his teammates for an alley-oop or sliding passes between defenders, Ingles knows exactly what to do to assist his teammates in scoring.

Best 3-pointers

There’s something very satisfying about watching Ingles make a 3-pointer. No matter where he is around the arc or how much time is left on the shot clock, if he’s got the ball and conditions are right for a 3-point attempt, there’s a good chance he’ll take the shot and find the net. While there’s some debate over who’s the best 3-point shooter in the NBA, there’s no doubt that Ingles is among the best.

Best Dunks

Just because Ingles is more comfortable outside the paint, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to slam one down when he sees an opening. If left unguarded, the 6-foot 8-inch Ingles can be lethal as he uses his speed and size to force his way to the net.

With the 2018-19 regular season in full swing, be sure to watch the Utah Jazz for even more amazing plays by Ingles and even pick up a Joe Ingles t-shirt to show your loyalty.