Records Utah Jazz Players Hold

Mar 12th 2019

One of the most exciting things about any sport is recognizing the players’ achievements. This is especially true when the players reach a milestone that no other player has achieved before. From league and team records to unofficial achievements that fans dig up from going through stats and personal bests, there are countless ways to celebrate the accomplishments of athletes.

Records Utah Jazz Players Hold


For players in the NBA, one of the biggest honors is to be on the leaderboard lists for all-time stats. While few players make it up high enough on the list to challenge the all-time leader, coming close to that number causes a rush for players and fans alike.

Here’s a look at the all-time, team, and other records that Utah Jazz players currently hold:

John Stockton

John Stockton is one of the Jazz’s most legendary players. Though he retired in 2003, he still holds two NBA records, one for assists, the other for steals. In his 19 years in the NBA, he tallied 15,806 assists. The second spot is held by Jason Kidd, who sits 3,715 assists behind Stockton. Only Stockton, Kidd, Steve Nash, Mark Jackson, and Magic Johnson have over 10,000 assists.

Stockton also holds the NBA all-time record for steals. At 3,265 he’s ahead of Kidd by 581 assists. Stockton holds the Jazz team records for assists and steals, as well as the records for games played (1,504), 3-point field goals (845), 3-point field goal attempts (2,203), assist percentage (50.2 percent), and offensive win shares (142.8).

Karl Malone

While Karl Malone doesn’t hold any top spots for all-time leaders, his name graces the list of top 25 for points and rebounds. Malone sits in second for points leads with 36,928 points and seventh all-time for rebounds with 14,968 career rebounds.

However, those aren’t the only records Malone holds. Out of the 51 stat leaderboards for the Utah Jazz, Malone’s name tops 18 of the lists, including minutes played (53,479), field goals (13,335), field goals attempted (25,810), 2-point field goals (13,250), 2-point field goal attempts (25,501), field goals missed (12,475), free throws (9,619), free throw attempts (12,963), offensive rebounds (3,501), defensive rebounds (11,100), total rebounds (14,601), turnovers (4,421), personal fouls (4,462), points (36,374), defensive win shares (90.2), win shares (230.3), box plus/minus (5.5), and value over replacement player (101.0).

Rudy Gobert

Gobert is one of the best defensive players in the NBA, but being only in his fourth season, he hasn’t put up enough stats to compete with more veteran NBA players on the all-time lists. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s not on his way there. In the Utah Jazz team records, he leads in 2-point field goal percentage (62.3 percent), field goal percentage (62.2 percent), true shooting percentage (64.6 percent), effective field goal percent (62.2 percent), offensive rebound percent (12.6 percent), defensive rebound percent (28.5 percent), total rebound percent (20.8), offensive rating (123.5), and win shares per 48 minutes (.214).

Donovan Mitchell

There’s no denying that Donovan Mitchell had an impressive rookie year. One of his biggest accomplishments was breaking Michael Jordan’s rookie record for most points in the first two games. He defeated that record by scoring a combined 55 points in games 1 and 2 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2018.

He is also the second rookie in NBA history to ever score 27 or more points in his first two playoff games. The only other rookie to do so was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who happens to hold the NBA all-time leading spot for points with 38,387 total career points. The fact that Mitchell is being compared to these basketball greats so early in the game speaks to his vast potential.

Records are made to be broken. However, there’s something equally thrilling and telling about records that stand up against years of players chasing them. Current and past Jazz players have skin in both of these games as old legacies hold strong and new ones rise to the top.