Ricky Rubio’s Style Off the Court

Sep 23rd 2018

On the court, it’s all about looking uniform. Off the court, NBA players embrace their own style, and Ricky Rubio is no exception.


The Spaniard has a style that can only be described as comfortable and chic, words that rarely seem to go together. However, Rubio pulls it off. Whether he’s wearing Bermuda shorts paired with a button-up, short-sleeved shirt in the summer, or slacks paired with a long sweater and beanie in winter, his clothing exhibits an effortless style. He also cleans up nicely in a suit and sweater combination.

Ricky Rubio Style Clothing 1


Ricky Rubio Style Clothing 2


Ricky Rubio Style Clothing 3



While on the court, Rubio rocks a man bun to keep his hair out of his face or slicks it back with gel. Off the court, he lets his locks flow freely. Rubio actually held a poll on Instagram for people to vote for or against the man bun. While people ultimately voted against it, the bun managed to become his signature “do” anyway.

Rubio also wears a well-trimmed beard, which he has credited with making him a more aggressive player. He maintains the beard with lotion and conditioner.

Ricky Rubio Style Hair



While not inked up as much as some other basketball players, Rubio has a few tattoos. On his right arm, Rubio sports the design of an adult male lion with a flowing mane and also a tattoo of a lion cub. Rubio used to have a tattoo of the number 79 on the back of his neck, but it has since been turned into what looks like an intricate Celtic knot.

Ricky Rubio Style Tattoo 1


Ricky Rubio Style Tattoo 2


The man bun may be his most controversial style choice, but overall, Rubio’s relaxed look is one that would appeal to many and is easy to emulate. While his skills on the court are noteworthy, it may be worth taking note of his style off the court, as he may turn into a sports style icon.