Rudy Gobert Style

Aug 15th 2018

Aside from being a 7’1” wonder on the court, Rudy Gobert has a flair for fashion. And might we expect any less given his French roots? Gobert was born in the north of France and played for the Cholet Basket junior team in his home country before being drafted by the Jazz in 2013.

Gobert expresses his style through his unconventional haircuts.

Rudy Gobert Haircut


Is that a lightning bolt shaved into his hair? An homage to Hogwarts? Gobert will neither confirm nor deny.

As for his wardrobe, how about that bright pink suit he wore to accept the Defensive Player of the Year trophy at the NBA Awards show in Santa Monica California this summer?

Rudy Gobert Hot Pink Suit


There are Gobert’s customized anime shoes (the handiwork of Kickstradomis).

Rudy Gobert Customized Anime Shoes


And how about the leopard-print shirt that Gobert wore as he sat on the bench last year while healing from his right tibia contusion.

Rudy Gobert leopard-print shirt


His teammates enjoy ribbing him. “Whoever his personal fashion designer person is should be fired because that’s terrible,” said Joe Ingles, commenting on Gobert’s choice of animal prints.

Some fans knocked his recently donned hot pink suit via Twitter saying that it was clearly “sponsored by Big League Chew.” While others said Gobert’s fashion choices were “worthy of immense respect.”

Some like his flair, some don’t, but few can argue with his on-court performance. In addition to winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award this year, Gobert was named to the All-NBA Second Team in 2017 and the All-Defensive First Team in both 2017 and 2018. In 2017, Gobert led the NBA for blocks. Expect more good things from Gobert in the upcoming season.