Utah Jazz Player Nicknames

Sep 18th 2018

Most everyone has a nickname, whether it’s an affectionate nickname you call your significant other, an annoying name your friends have called you since middle school, or a self-imposed name you gave yourself that you can’t seem to get rid of. In sports, using nicknames is a way to recognize players for signature moves as well as to connect players and fans.

Utah Jazz Player Nicknames

In the Utah Jazz, many players have nicknames. Here are some fan favorites.

Donovan Mitchell (Spida) 

Spida isn’t just Mitchell’s nickname, it’s also an entry in the slang section of According to the entry, spida is “a basketball species usually found above the rim; equipped with superhuman senses, shot-slinging abilities and unrivaled bounce.” After the rookie season Mitchell had, we’d say he definitely earned this nickname, and an entry on

Joe Ingles (Slow-Mo Joe, Jinglin’ Joe) 

Fans speculate that Ingles’ nickname Slow-Mo Joe comes from his slow style of play, a fact that is often referenced by sports commentators.

Rudy Gobert (The Stifle Tower, The French Rejection, Gobzilla) 

Considering the Frenchman was the 2018 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, it’s no surprise that all his nicknames reference what a monster he is in the backcourt. Suffice it to say, we’re glad he’s on our team.

Jae Crowder (Bae Crowder) 

While this nickname was picked by Celtics fans, it still holds true. Bae, to the hip young person, stands for “Before Anyone Else.” While usually used for a significant other, Crowder likes being called Bae, with the nickname earning a fist pump from him when a reporter first made him aware of it. Since Crowder became a Jazz player in February 2018, he’s made major contributions to the team and its fans. Because of that, we still think he’s Bae.

Dante Exum (Ex) 

Exum doesn’t have many known nicknames, but some fans have come up with “The Inferno.” With his speed on the court, and the fun literary reference to his name, we hope the moniker eventually catches fire.

Derrick Favors (D-Fave, Fort Favors, Fave/Faves) 

Favors’ last name makes room for a lot of fun. However, Favors has been known to say that he prefers the simple nickname of D-Fave.

Raul Neto (Wolf) 

Raul Neto’s nickname comes from his name’s pronunciation (Ha-uhl), which sounds like the howling of a wolf.

Ricky Rubio (Tricky Ricky, Slick Ricky, The Thief, Rufio, Spanish Samurai, etc.) 

Rubio has a lot of nicknames. So many, that he listed them all in a video released last year. While most nicknames are a play on his name and the fact that he’s from Spain, they also all clearly reference his stealth on the court and his ability to fool opponents.

Alec Burks (AB) 

Most of the time, Burks just goes by his initials, which is simple, but effective.

While Georges Niang, Royce O’Neale, Thabo Sefolosha, Ekpe Udoh, Jairus Lyles, Erik McCree, Tony Bradley, and Grayson Allen don’t have any mainstream nicknames that have stuck just yet, we look forward to seeing what fans come up with in the future.