1-Click Protect

Jazz and Route Take All Your Merch to the House

Don’t let your fandom get lost or stolen after you order. Make sure all your Jazz gear gets to you safely with 1-Click Protect powered by Route. 

Guard Your Merch with 1-Click Protect

Nothing is worse than grabbing all the gear your heart desires only to find out it was lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. That’s why we’ve teamed with Route to help you track and protect every Jazz purchase so safe delivery is a slam dunk.

How Does 1-Click Protect Work?

When you land on the checkout page with your bounty of Jazz merch, you’ll notice that 1-Click Protect Powered by Route has been added to your cart. This benefit protects your entire purchase from damage, loss, or theft for just a fraction of your cart total. 

You can remove 1-Click Protect from your cart at any time before you buy (but do you really want to roll those dice?). 

Track All Your Jazz Packages from the Route App

 Once your order is protected and placed, watch your package make its way from the warehouse to your house with the Route App.